Walt Whitman: Confidence in the Nature

Walt Whitman’s poem told by himself

Walt Whitman
A March 26, 1892 Walt Whitman died. Today considered greatest poet of America had no equal recognition in its time.

His work, which was consolidated over time was not understood at first, it happened so many other artists: he soon been understood or taken seriously.


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In an one belonging to multiple versions Leaves of grass, maximum Walt Whitman’s work, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges counts than whichever he get close to Whitman’s biography he will not find the man that hides behind his poems.

The «Semidivino» was not a lazy laborer.

Far from whole that, to not to carry an intrepid life or special in the appearance, we find a brave man when reading same yes the exaltation of nature, the songs and, as a consequence, to the freedom, to the sensuality and to the need that all human beings take communion in a common direction, poems that intend to join – or suggesting – that all beings that populate this strange planet be in communion.

And, on all the things, Whitman is the poet of idealism, therefrom so rare like the confidence in the value of the human race’s nature: The innate value that all individuals possess or, to the less, that they presume us.

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