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Marie Curie: A Life given

As if it were a coin, nature can present two entirely different faces. When the constituent elements are manipulated, the effects and consequences that are generated can be beneficial or harmful.

Altering ions, protons, neutrons and electrons can facilitate restoring health or, if they are disturbed, they have such destructive power being able to destroy the frame that shelters them.

On many occasions, scientists and researchers are blame of being the cause of the evils that beset us, but few scientists are responsible for bringing the catastrophe, often take shape in the centers of political and military power, when, as Machiavelli used to say, an end (war) justifies the use of any means.


Of course, the Curies were not responsible for it, tireless fighters against discouragement. Pierre and Madame Curie, she, discoverer of polonium and radium and what she called radioactivity.

<strong>Marie Curie</strong> en el laboratorio

Marie Curie, whose maiden name was Maria Sklodowska, was born into a family of Polish origin dedicated to learning and teaching. His father, a physics professor, also ran a children gym; the mother, graduated in Teaching, ran a reputable pension in the Polish capital. Marie Curie‘s childhood was not entirely happy.

The mother, sick, avoidingkissing to avoid contagion, both Mary and her other four children, and for many hours a day, locked himself in solitude beset by coughing, proof of the weakness that was slowly undermining her health.

Since the early school years, Marie, showed his intellectual ability, sometimes hiding by decorum. The show of his intellect soon surprised her parents, who as pedagogues understood that at such young age their child should play with dolls and not abuse readings that distort the learning stage. But occasionally, they surprised her reading books whose reading required an effort not suitable for her age.

Three unfortunate events shook the Sklodowska home. The first happened in 1873, when the father was separated from his professorship, besides the moral hit, it mean a significant reduction in the family income. Therefore, they are forced to rent the other rooms of their home.

Three years later, the second misfortune comes when one of the renters of the pension, that the sick mother with typhus run, infecting two of Marie Curie sisters, Zosia and Bronia.

Against odds, is not the mother who brings disease that kills Zosia. This is certainly a hit to everyone and especially to Marie Curie, according to the biography that his other sister, Eva, write years later, Bronia overcome the symptoms and accompanied and helped as support the rest of her life to Marie Curie. The third event that made shake the family was something that had time announcing: the death of the mother, which occurred in 1878.

Despite all this, the father manages to keep the family afloat, giving to his family good studies. Marie Curie graduated with excellent grades and spend a sabbatical year in the companyof relatives. With Bronia, she decides to give a change of direction to their destinations. After counting the money they were saving, they conclude that it is not enough to go to Paris to study medicine.

Marie Curie gives birth to modern physics

<strong>Marie Curie</strong> y Pierre

Therefore, Marie, younger, sacrifices, works as a governess for a wealthy family in Poland so that her sister could start studying. The idea was, in one year, they have enough money for both to study and live in the French capital. But the plan has to wait. Five years later, when Bronia is almost licensed and Marie barely holds future possibilities, the older sister marries and gave her the necessary support to continue her studies.

Installed in Paris, following her studies, she meet Pierre Curie in 1894, his great partner in personal life an
d in the development of her research. Pierre, a great scientist recognized in his time, accompanied his wife, whose talent soon blunted, even over his. A year after the meeting, they got marry.

Marie, with two degrees and a job as a high school teacher is about to make one of the most important discoveries of Science: Radio.
In 1898, she announces the discovery of a new body, the possessor of a powerful radioactivity. Which means the discovery is overcoming the old theories, the prevailing thought was based on the universe was composed of pure materials and not composed of different bodies.

Marie Curie gives birth to modern physics that marked the later development of it. All investigations, which the Curies dedicated to, had an obstacle: money. Something that beaten when they got the awards and worldwide recognition. The cause of Marie Curie death was the contact with radioactive bodies that she studied. In her last days the fever reached 40 ° C., suffered anemia and red blood cell count dropped rapidly. They say their hands burned by the radio, stood out against the white shroud that covered her.

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